Thursday, 1 July 2010

Slide to the left, slide to the right , Reverse Reverse, Cha Cha now ya’ll

Thing 11 and slideshare.  I have used this before as a viewer but not an uploader.  I think it is great when you go to conferences and training days and they say the presentations will be available via slideshare.  You don't have to take away a forest of handouts or make frantic notes to try and get the information down, which then never makes sense without the images anyway.  So I like slideshare and I think it is useful.

Image of people electric sliding by purpleslog on Flickr

Then I thought I would try out Jing.  I have tried numerous different screen capture software programs but none I liked as much as this.  A little download and then it was simple.  So I used to to create my own powerpoint tribute to 23 things Cambridge which I then uploaded on slideshare.  I ask forgiveness for the corny rhymes in my one verse tribute to the Sound of Music, favourite things song - at least I didn't sing it!

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  1. I've looked at your presentation (saw your tweet) - good job! And I'm jealous, I want to try Jing too