Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Extra Thing 7 (week 12) : what's TeuxDeux

Things to make life easier - what could be better.  I have tried various online to do lists over the last few years but usually give up as I forget to login or find it takes longer to keep it up-to-date than to just scrawl the list on a bit of paper.  I was registered on Remember the Milk but by now my milk will have turned sour as months since I went on and I am not even going to attempt to remember my login.

So in the spirit of trying new things I gave TeuxDeux a try before my holiday and filled it with all the tasks I needed to do before I could go on holiday.  I really liked it.  It was quick to add stuff and to get rid of it.  The really useful feature is the way it carries over your "to do" items to the next day if you don't complete them.  So there is no chance of forgetting anything!

Previously I used the task list on the google calendar but that has a habit of not always working and also, as it  just sits there everyday, it becomes part of the wallpaper and I don't register that I have something important to do.  I have now converted to TeuxDeux (despite the name being a bit irritating) and added the link to my webpage toolbar so I remember to login each day.

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