Wednesday, 18 August 2010

These are a few of my 23 things

Finally I have finished my take on the Sound of Music's "My favourite things" although I couldn't quite manage to get all the 23 things in (and gave up on rhyming google!)
Put on your DVD of The Sound of Music (you know you have it) and singalong with the following words (nun costume optional): 

Meetings on doodle and chatting on twitter,
some igoogle pages and  blogs where we witter,
bright flickr  images fit for a king,
these are a few of my twenty-three things

Fun coloured podcasts and LibraryThing records,
Pick feeds and read feeds and obtain the rewards,
Try out Zotero and see what it brings,
These are a few of my
twenty-three things

Wikis for sharing with no other hurdles,
Bookmarks that are delicious and wordle,
Facebook has pages for some marketing,
These are a few of my
twenty-three things

When the blog calls, when the work clings,
When I feel I should,
I simply remember my
twenty-three things,
And then I feel so good.


  1. Brilliant! I hope you're going to perform that for us!

  2. OK Ms Ventured, you're on the cast list ...

  3. unfortunately I cannot sing at all - more phantom of the shower than of the opera

  4. Marvellous! Someone needs to perform it for us at the wrap...

  5. how about a group sing song

  6. There's a 2 minute slot at the closing ceremony for you Lyn...

  7. Sorry my habit's in the wash