Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wiki wiki wild wild west

Nearly at the final frontier with Thing 22 and wikis.  This brought back memories of the wikiwikiweb (showing my age now) and, of course, the now all encompassing part of our culture "wikipedia".  When I registered to attend the (lib)Teachmeet Cambridge, I also realised that I had a PBworks login. 

pass the baked beans, please
Back in 2008, following the monthly networking lunches for librarians in Cambridge, a couple of us explored setting up blogs or wikis for librarians to contribute to, as the wiki says:

"This is meant for Cambridge librarians to put useful ’stuff’ on - things that we might be doing in our libraries that you think others might want to know about. Have you changed your webpage recently, are you doing interesting things like blogs, teaching about social networking or ……. or …….. Add them up here so that we all can see them!"

We abandoned  both blogs and wikis and reverted to camtools   as everyone working in Cambridge University should have a raven login and access to camtools.  Using the other sites meant that although people could view the information, in order to add stuff they would have to register.  This did not seem ideal but then the camtools solution isn't either.  Again it is useful for group working and collaborative projects.  For library users not sure how I would use it. 

To finish on wikis, I will now write an entry for the Library routes  page as suggested in the 23 things Cambridge, thing 22 blog.

(As an aside, can't believe it has taken me 22 things before I found the spellchecker on blogger - should have looked at the toolbar more!!)


  1. There's a spellchecker?! I have the Firefox British English dictionary plugin on most of the computers I use, which checks (a little idiosyncratically, but it catches a lot of typos if nothing else) any text you type in a webpage. Well worth searching out by anyone using Firefox.

  2. Thanks for that - I have now added the dictionary to my firefox