Friday, 25 June 2010

I had been a twit, now I'm not

Thanks to a comment from Girl in the moon on my blog about a blog made by Npage in response to a blog by Miss Crail on her hatred of twitter, I am not starting to feel better about it (even if I seem to be approaching a six degrees of Kevin Bacon moment with all these links!)  I have given JournoTwit a go and I like it.  I created a column for #cam23 and you can do as many as you want with different tags or keyword searches.  It also gives you some to start with as seen below:
Slightly worrying moment when I thought I had sent all cam23ers to the rubbish bin of twitter.  I marked my column of #cam23 tweets as read and the whole lot vanished.  Not to worry I found a tab lurking at the top and got it back again.

In a very shallow moment I prefer the look of it to twitter - suits my tidy mind with neat columns,  and finally I could see at a glance the responses to tweets I had sent.  I am not sure I am ready for a complete love affair with twitter but I am going to try some relate counselling via JournoTwit and see how I get on.

Thanks to the other bloggers for the information.


  1. Glad you found it useful! And thanks for the promo, Girl in the Moon, I'm seriously considering hiring you as my personal promotions manager, Well, maybe not...